New design for new stories – CapeRock's rebranding of Insight TV

If you want to inspire millennials and keep your brand growing, it's not only the content, but also the look that counts. The broadcaster Insight TV has found the right partner for this project in CapeRock.

Insight TV is a global provider of content and TV channels and specialises in adventurous programmes about emerging trending communities, told through the experiences of global influencers. All Insight TV content is filmed in vibrant 4K UHD HDR. Insight TV reaches millions of households around the world and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device via insight.tv. Insight TV is also available in 45 different countries via linear channels.

Insight TV's new clothes

To ensure that not only the broadcaster but also the Insight TV brand can grow and further expand its global presence, Insight TV has received a new look from the Amsterdam agency CapeRock, which specializes in broadcast design and media branding:
The station's new visual identity opens up a world of interesting impressions and fascinating people with life-changing stories. The design connects the Insight TV brand with people and their contributions, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. The extra dose of motion energy in combination with different fonts and textures create a refreshing and playful atmosphere. But the rebranding did not stop at the pure visuals: it includes a redesign of the logo, the brand identity, the channel identity and last but not least the music of the channel. CapeRock also revised the logo design of the three newly added Insight TV brand channels: inWonder, inShort, inTrouble.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Millennials want surprises 

Insight TV sees Millennials in particular as a target group: "Millennials value unforgettable experiences more than ownership," says Arun Maljaars, Director of Content and Channels at Insight TV. "When we are surprised, we tend to remember the experience much longer. Insight TV fulfils this desire by providing up-close coverage of enthusiastic people who embark on amazing and unpredictable adventures. CapeRock's work for our new brand helps us to encourage, spark and inspire positive conversations and lifestyles within this concept".

Shortly after the rebrand was released, the first successes were achieved: The new logo was nominated for a Promax Award in the category "Channel Logo Design Across Multiple Media".

More information on the rebrand at https://www.caperock.tv/work/insight-tv