An energetic design for the young target group – Luxlotusliner creates broadcast design for "The 77 Percent" of Deutsche Welle

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

DW's "The 77 Percent" attracts the attention of Africans younger than 35 with fast edits and strong colours.

In the sub-Saharan region of Africa, 77 percent of the population is younger than 35. For these 770 million people, Deutsche Welle has launched "The 77 Percent" to create room for dialogue, contact and discussion on its various platforms. The topics are as colourful as the design of the programme itself: everything from politics, society and public events to satire – in the name of freedom, tolerance and democracy – is covered.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

The Munich agency Luxlotusliner was responsible for the programme design for "The 77 Percent". The agency took traditional African patterns as a basis and gave them into a contemporary look. Due to the young target group, which communicates primarily in social networks, the design is also suitable for social media and thus differs from classic TV appearances. 

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Another challenge was the design of the logo: It was adapted in six African languages – Amharic, English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili, and Portuguese – in order to reach as many of the 770 million under 35 year olds as possible.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Further information on the design can be found here.

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