Holger Volland: The future is smart. Are you too?

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Many experts emphasise how important the expansion of digital technology is - for our everyday lives, the economy, the fight against climate crisis, disease and hunger in the world. At the same time, others warn of digital dementia, uncontrollable superiority of digital corporations and a manipulated humanity in surveillance capitalism. In between, we stand: People with Facebook profiles who watch YouTube videos or use TikTok, who find their way with Google Maps and order their pizza with Alexa.

Have we already entered this future when we, as amateurs, deal so carelessly with the digital world? Or are we blindly allowing ourselves to be manipulated by power-hungry digital companies and spied on by our devices? Are we living in a filter bubble? And if so, how do we get out of it? Using simple questions, scientific facts and entertaining stories about the digital future, digital expert and cultural mediator Holger Volland explains the most relevant developments of the digital transformation and their effect on our very personal lives. "It's time for us humans to conquer everyday digital life and shape it ourselves according to our own ideas and for our own benefit."

Holger Volland: The future is smart. You too?

100 Answers to the Most Important Questions about Our Digital Everyday Life

Publisher: Mosaik

Paperback: € 18.00 [D] , € 18.50 [A], CHF 24.90