Boredom during lockdown? Never with Alpenblick and RBB!

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Since January 2021, RBB has been using the slogans "Zuhause ist Queen" (Home is Queen) and "Zuhause ist King" (Home is King) to address everyday life during Corona times in new station idents – developed by the Munich-based creative agency Alpenblick.

"Bloß nicht langweilen" ("Don't get bored") - in the new RBB station idents, developed and realised by the Munich-based creative agency Alpenblick, the cheeky station claim lives on! Under the direction of Holger and Jana Geisler, the agency team realised motifs on behalf of RBB that counter the current lockdown situation with a lot of humour and lightness. The idea: in these special times, one's own home gets a new meaning. Especially here, people have to reorganise their everyday life and make the best of the situation. Sharing and telling these stories as empathetically as possible is exactly what connects broadcaster and audience. This is how viewers and users meet, among others, the nice neighbour who accepts piles of parcels, the young mother fighting against the chaos in the children's room at home, the Brandenburg woman who builds towers out of toast in her kitchen, a male couple doing improvised home sports and the Berlin hipster who takes a bubble bath on his rooftop terrace in winter. 

Don't get bored – DESPITE Lockdown

For this ident season, well-known but also bizarre moments that might happen at home during this special and intense time were selected in close coordination with RBB. In the process, Alpenblick had to master a logistical challenge: in the middle of the hard lockdown, at the end of 2020, the final shoots with real people from Berlin and Brandenburg not only had to be planned with particular precision, but also realised in the shortest possible time under the strictest hygiene rules. 

High recognition value – not only thanks to the special editing rhythm

While the challenges of everyday life during Corona times were humorously told in real living situations and with authentic casts, Alpenblick also ensured a particularly high recognition value for the idents. For example, the creative agency developed a special editing rhythm, more reminiscent of social media clips with unusual cuts and supporting sound effects, to increase attention at the transitions in the RBB programme. In addition, an individual sound was created for each of the short "stories", in cooperation with Century Rolls Music, based on a concise musical theme that leads into the RBB logo bumper.

According to RBB, more ident motifs can be expected throughout the year. Because even after the lockdown, "Home is..." will be continued – then finally outside of the own four walls  – at home in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Further information (in German) at http://alpenblick.net/projekt/rbbstationidents