«Baumageddon – don’t become a tree» Short Film by Students of zHdK

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

13 students from the 5th semester of Cast / Audivisual Media developed and produced the 16-minute short film "Baumageddon - don't become a tree" within seven weeks. It demonstrates the drastic consequences of a reckless approach to nature.

The film tells the story of Astrid and Holger, who take a stand against the impending transformation of humanity into trees. When Astrid's friend Tanja suddenly turns into a tree, Astrid is confronted with the shocking effects of the so-called "Baumageddon". Astrid realizes that Mother Nature is taking revenge for our ignorance of the climate crisis and is turning us into trees as a consequence. We have to do something about it now!

To promote the film, it was accompanied by a social media campaign on Instagram and Tik Tok. It can already be enjoyed in full length on YouTube. The premiere took place for a selected audience on 19.01.2024 at Kino Toni.

In the "Showtime" module, students realize a joint project within the class every year and thus hone their ability to work as part of a team. They often try their hand at fictional storytelling, as other projects during their studies focus on documentary work.


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