First a laughter marathon then a screaming contest and can gymnastics – a triathlon as a "workout for the laugh muscles", recommended by TVNOW and "Die Werbeinsel".

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

The TVNOW campaign "Best of Comedy" has been running online and on-air since 1 March. The Cologne agency "Die Werbeinsel" produced the accompanying trailers.

"Doctor's Diary" meets "Big Bang Theory". "Married... with Children" meets "Two and a Half Men". TVNOW shows the best comedy series. In addition to in-house productions and exclusive comedy formats, there are also international highlights and the best of television to stream here at any time – both from Germany and the rest of the world. With the new campaign "Best of Comedy", the streaming service of the RTL media group once again underlines these statements and is actively supported by the Cologne agency "Die Werbeinsel".

Shouting match instead of screaming fit – neologisms in online & on-air trailers

The online and on-air trailers of "Die Werbeinsel" guarantee recognition value with their unusual combination of image and sound. While workout scenes from the TVNOW comedy formats can be seen in the picture, classical music plays in the background and thus puts the scene into a new context. A special highlight can also be found in the typography: the agency created new keywords from sports terms such as "gymnastics", "throwing" and "fight" in combination with the scenes in the picture. Thus, a thrown can in "Magda macht das schon" ("Magda will take care of it") becomes "Dosenturnen" ("can gymnastics"), a coughing fit in "Schitt's Creek" becomes "Hustball" (" Cough Ball") and a laughing fit in "Eine schrecklich nette Familie" ("Married... with Children") becomes "Kicherboxen" ("Giggle Boxing"). Neologisms that are immediately understandable and exercise the laugh muscles.

Futher information on "Die Werbeinsel" at https://www.werbeinsel.com/