Oh you joyful becomes "Otto joyful" with Das Erste and SCREENWORKS

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Advent, Advent(s) with Otto & Friends! The comedian from Emden invites you to a very special Christmas party in the ARD media library. SCREENWORKS produced the show design based on a design sketch by Otto himself.

Ottifanten instead of reindeer and a baseball cap instead of the typical Santa hat. This is how the Otto Waalkes Christmas sleigh flies across the screen. The design idea, imagined by Otto himself, has been perfectly implemented by SCREENWORKS, capturing the charm of the comedian. For this, they use a design that invites you to dream, thanks to the large moon in the background as well as the golden stars and magical sparkles.

The programme of "Otto Fröhliche - Advent, Advent with Otto and Friends" is defined by Otto's charm, just like the design. Together with numerous celebrity guests, he prepares the audience for the festivities with pre-Christmas fun, surprises, music and sketch comedy for the whole family.

The programme is a production of Kimmig Entertainment GmbH on behalf of Norddeutscher Rundfunk. You can find it (in German) in the ARD media library.