RTL AdAlliance goes Cannes Lions – Gédéon introduced the new international brand to the society

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

Following the motto "Meet RTL", the Paris agency Gédéon drew attention to the new international brand RTL AdAlliance at the Cannes Lions by using all channels.

The time had come for RTL AdAlliance to make its debut at the Cannes Lions. For this, the Paris design agency Gédéon created a holistic design that presented the fruit of the fusion of RTL AdConnect, Smartclip and G+J i|MS in various design elements.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

This cooperation was a result of a former work, the design agency did for RTL AdAlliance, as Emmanuelle Lacaze, President of Gédéon, describes: “We met Carine Jean-Jean, Head of communications at RTL AdAlliance, a few years ago at a conference we were at for the VTM channel in Flanders. She asked us if we wanted to be part of the annual book she was editing for the company. Then, we began to work on their brand identity for a few years. Our 2 teams co-operated really well, and when she had to prepare the Cannes Lions 2022 edition, she asked us if it could be an option for Gédéon to take care of the wording and the overall artistic direction of the beach. Of course, we jumped on board!"

“Meet” RTL AdAlliance at the beach bar dedicated to the three letters

The agency decided on a beach bar that was designed from A to Z in order to achieve an unbroken appearance: the architecture of the bar, the furniture, the lighting and decoration as well as the clothing of the employees were all in Gédéon's hands. “For me, design means nothing without an idea behind it”, Lacaze emphasises. “A colour, a sign, a movement says something about a brand. For RTL Ad Alliance, the graphic guidelines already existed and our work was mainly finding an idea that encapsulated this very special moment. It was the first event since the pandemic and we worked with the idea of connection, meeting each other again, and finding joy from that. ‘Meet’ was our key word and concept. We developed all the wording, communication and design around this idea, adding a touch of fun and humour as well.”

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe

To ensure that the image extended beyond the beach bar, the agency responsible decided on various goodies in addition to the branding elements, each of which was appropriately adapted to the brand and its debut.

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe

RTL AdAlliance everywhere

However, not only the design elements, but also the copywriting was in the hands of the creative team: With posters, newsletters, the website, an app as well as a film introducing the new brand, no one got past RTL AdAlliance.

“I have to admit that creating a place like a beach is impossible if you’re not able to collaborate with other talents and companies. You also need to get a 360°-overview to get something coherent at the end. And this coherence is the only way to be visible and strong”, said Emmanuelle Lacaze further. “Carine Jean-Jean and her team took care of all of the details, from the selection of the artists performing on stage, to the conferences organized and even the restaurant menu.”

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Carine Jean-Jean, Head of Communication RTL Ad Alliance
Emmanuelle Lacaze, President of Gédéon
Eglantine Guitard, Producer at Gédéon
Lazare Bessière, Artistic Director at Gédéon
Nicolas Famery, Creation director at Gédéon

Find out more about Gédéon's work at https://www.gedeon.com/projects/rtl-adalliance-cannes-lions/