EYES & EARS 2020

26 November / online

On Thursday, 26 November 2020, Eyes & Ears of Europe will present the best production achievements of the year for the 22nd time and honour the creative teams with the International Eyes & Ears Awards. The festive awards ceremony will take place as part of the EYES & EARS 2020. 

22nd International Eyes & Ears Awards

The International Eyes & Ears Awards are a contribution to ensuring creative, innovative and effective design, promotion and brand communication measures. Trends and new perspectives for design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media in the fields of TV, film, radio, Internet, mobile, games and events are presented.

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Eyes & Ears of Europe


This year's Eyes & Ears Awards are crowned by the INSPIRATION Award. After 21 years, it replaces the Excellence Award and goes to an outstanding person who sustainably inspires the creative industry in the field of audiovisual media. Who this person is will be announced this week. First hints can be found in the Facebook-Event and on LinkedIn.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

The Jury

Michael Arends, Nicola Bienert, Rüdiger Braun, Sven Braun, Susanne Büchting, Marc Bühler, Ion Christopoulos,, Ulrich Dankemeyer, Matthias Fallert, Matthias Fening, Tilo Fischer, Mark Fleig, Vera  Grünberg, Florian Grünewald, Oliver Haroun, Florian Hartmann, Angelika Haus, Ilona Hellmiss, Marcus Herre, Eike Immisch, Arman Kavrailoglu, Björn Klimek, Anselm Kreuzer, Elmar Krick, Stefan Ladwig, Benjamin Lauterbach, Jan Leitz, Daniel Lembke, Lühr-Martin Lemkau, Thorsten Lohrmann, Corinna Lurz, Alex Marchet, Norbert Menkel, Gerry Menschik, Veronika Mücher, Niels Müller, Bernd Mutscheller, Ralf Nolting, Thorben Osthus, Philipp Pauls, Sebastian Pforr, Maria Regenspurger, Stephan Riebel, Henning Roch, Oliver Rojschl, Daniel Saini, Karin Sarholz, Stefan Scholz, Thomas Schümperli, Klaus W Schuntermann, Klaus Schwab, Dann Smit, Anja Strnischa, Anne Vogt, Arnd von Rabenau, Thomas Wecker, Felix Weitekamp, Manuel Wieslhuber, Pascal Wilfling, Tino Windisch, Lisa Wölle, Tom Wünsche, Michael Zschiesche


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