21st International Eyes & Ears Awards

18 November / Munich

Eyes & Ears Special Prizes 2019

ZDF: Kulturspots

Culture to watch and visit! Film Deluxe has produced cultural spots for ZDF that illuminate the wide field of German cultural treasures. Not only well-known places and artists are brought into focus, but also lesser known cultural highlights. Especially the camera work and direction are wonderful: Each location is shown in a very aesthetical way from an individual point of view – raising interest among the viewers. Great creative performance!

Creative Team: Thomas Grimm, Leitung Marketing ZDF; Astrid Kämmerer, Leitung Programm-Marketing 1 ZDF; Doris Biagioni, Projektleitung ZDF; Sylvia Borges, Regie Film Deluxe; Katharina Strauß, Executive Producerin Film Deluxe; Carolin Voigtländer, Producerin Film Deluxe; Leif Thomas, Kamera Film Deluxe; Sven Rossenbach, Audiodesign

Superunion: BBC Two 

BBC Two has visibly separated itself from its big sister through the rebrand and gained a lot of coolness and uniqueness in the process. The many different moods of the program are captured abstractly in the elements. In line with the idea, the best production method – whether traditional stop motion animation or modern CGI – was chosen for a high-quality performance. The cinematic elements are completed with a unique sound design, a clear audio identification and a highly recognisable typography. In spite of the individually styled elements, the station design forms a unity through the striking curve of the 2 and thus makes this number the strongest branding tool of the station.

Creative Team: Superunion; BBC Two; BBC Creative; Alex Baranowski, Composer; Various Animation Collaborators

Atresmedia: ANTENA 3 – News Vocation

News not only consist of the daily information, but also of the people who present them: newscasters who had their vocation as journalists in very different situations and are now in love with their profession. Antena 3 interviewed its newsreaders and created a campaign from their individual moments of vocation that gives the station even more personality. A great idea, beautifully implemented with animated illustrations!

Creative Team: Juan Ramón Martín Muñoz, Image & Creativity Director Atresmedia