Eyes & Ears Conference 2016

​9. May / Cologne

„Whether on TV, online, mobile or in print- if you want to reach your target group you not only have to know whichplatforms and channels are important, but also - and perhaps even moreimportantly - you have to tell the right story! A story that touches, moves andleaves you wanting more. That's why'TELL YOUR STORY' is the motto for the Eyes & Ears Conference 2016. Withthe Eyes & Ears Conference, we offer industry players the opportunity tostay up to date regarding current trends, prospects and opportunities. This isthe only way they can keep up in today's converging media world.

Monday, 9 May 2016
Nina Vorbrodt

Nina Vorbrodt, Actress& Presenter, Cologne


Zeljko Karajica, President Eyes & Ears of Europe, Unterföhring

Andreas Wolter

Andreas Wolter,Mayor of the City of Cologne

14.25 Programme

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

EYES & EARSKeynotes 2016

Under the title Eyes & EarsKeynotes, both national, European and international industry players fromTV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture giveinsights into their projects and provide new perspectives. By addressingcurrent media developments, trends and challenges, the speeches offerinspiration and points of reference for the participants' own work. Therefore,the keynotes are an important contribution to the design and examination ofaudiovisual communication.


Salvation craze andself-enslavement. Stories on Media Future
Stephan Grünewald, Psychologist, Cofounder of therheingold-Institute & Bestselling Author, Cologne


Storytellingà la Familie Feuerstein – Die Wiederentdeckung einer uralten Kunst
Dr. Werner T. Fuchs, Spezialist für Neuromarketingund Storytelling & Agenturinhaber Propeller Marketingdesign, Zürich

""You think you’re shoving, and you’re beingshoved!" Since the Old MasterGoethe spread this message more than 200 years ago, much has changed. But themuch-touted new man is still the same. Since Fred Flintstone & Co. he likesinformation wrapped in stories far more than facts, prefers seducers overinstructors and still believes he is a rational being. New is really only thatone now knows the rules of a good story." The speaker will convey those inhis crash course in an entertaining and exciting way.


Every typeface tells a story
Bruno Maag, Chairman & Founder Dalton Maag Ltd,London

"Letters allow us to record our thoughts and to communicateto others. With letters we can tell a story. But letters also have theirown stories, their own life, which allows us to enhance thoughts emotionally orto perceive in an uncomplicated and simple way. "


EYES & EARS New Talents 2016

The Eyes & Ears New Talents give young talent a platform toshowcase their innovative work. Practical, inspiring, and promising, theypresent their projects to an expert audience as part of the European Conferencefor Design, Promotion and Marketing. The industry meeting offers them theopportunity to get to know those who are always looking for young creativetalent. At the same time, these young talents give long-time mediaprofessionals creative ideas for their own work.

Daniel Seideneder

Daniel Seideneder, Managing Director dropout-films, Mainz


"Whatthey believe" – Collected anecdotes full of ambiguous Love & Truth
Shoko Hara, Graduate ofthe Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

"WHAT THEY BELIEVE isan essayistic collage about faith and gullibility. The basis is realencounters, since my parents themselves belong to a fundamentalist communityand we always have heated discussions about it. The storytelling is carried outassociatively through design and graphic visualization, rather than a closingstory arc. It is supposed to seem as erratic and seemingly random, as theworldview of its characters."


Kleinstein– Tangible Digital Learning
AndreaZimmermann, Graduate of the HAWK Design, Hildesheim & Founder Kleinstein
​Marco Pumptow, Student at the HAWK Design,Hildesheim

"Nowadays, childrencome in contact with their digitally connected environment from birth. But someparents are concerned when their child is sitting in front of the phone ortable for too long and pays no attention to other toys. We at Kleinstein havetaken on the task of combining the digital and the real world. How can digitallearning become tangible? By combining a t-shirt and an app we provide fun andtangible learning content."


Rouff –A Magical Adventure
Benjamin Brand, JohannesEngelhardt & Markus Eschrich, Graduates of the TH Nürnberg Georg-Simon-Ohm

"Rouff, the drawn dog,is sad: He only has three legs and he is all alone. When he folds Pete from thesheet of paper on which he was drawn it is not only the beginning of abeautiful friendship but also the meeting of the two worlds of animated films –2D and 3D. The magical search for the fourth leg leads Rouff and Pete on anadventurous journey that will fascinate children and adults alike."


Voting: Eyes & Ears New Talents 2016

EYES & EARS CaseStudies 2016

The Eyes & Ears Case Studiespresent current projects in the fields of television, film, internet, mobile,games, events, advertising, art and culture.


Brokendoll - Story byDesign
Brett Richards, Creative Director & FounderBrokendoll, Stockholm

"Good design has astory and good stories don’t just happen, they are designed."

Inthis short presentation Brokendoll’s Creative Director will talk you throughtheir unique perspective on design driven storytelling and provide a peek intothe creative thinking behind the identity for this year’s Eurovision SongContest.


Digital Storytelling at SRF
Jonas Bayona, Digital Storyteller SRF, Zurich

"From fat cats, white horses and why our seemingly most personal isactually incredibly impersonal. Digital strategies and storytelling from theperspective of an internet addicted Digital Native."

​19.00Award ceremony: Eyes & Ears New Talents 2016
20.00Get Together in the Wagenhalle, COMEDIA Theatre

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