Know how: From Briefing to Idea to Trailer Conception

19.09. – 20.09.2013 / Eyes & Ears Academy, Frankfurt a. M.

Successful programme trailers and station spots on TV follow a clear concept – an idea. The idea emotionalises the content. In the process, the argument for tuning in is dramatised and hits the congruent motives and attitudes of the target group. The design is eye-catching and appeals to both the heart and the mind. This is the ideal situation, but ...

We are pressed for time and need a quick trailer idea. When time is limited, you need a clear view of the most important steps to the concept and should know as many ways to the idea as possible. The seminar traces the development of the concept trailer from the briefing to the idea. Part of the course is devoted to analyzing the participants' own trailers. In addition, trailer ideas are developed on the basis of numerous practical examples and creative exercises. Participants will learn how lateral thinking can enrich the process and how it creates effective promotion.

This event organized by Eyes & Ears of Europe and ACHT is aimed primarily at employees of media and communication companies, (post) production firms, design studios, agencies and consultancies. Persons interested in the media, students and trainees are also very welcome.


Dr. phil. Albert Heiser studied economics and social communication at the Berlin University of Arts. He worked as copywriter and creative director at Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi and Dorland/Grey. His first book on the subject of advertising spots, 'Bleiben Sie dran - Die Konzeption, Produktion und Rezeption von Werbefilmen', was published in 2001. In February 2004, his book on the subject of social spots, 'Nachhaltigkeit in 50 Sekunden', appeared on the market and was followed by 'Das Drehbuch zum Drehbuch: Erzählstrategien für Werbespots, -filme und Virals' in autumn 2004. He is also the author of the book 'Bullshit Bingo: Storytelling für Werbetexte', published in 2009. Albert Heiser is founder of the Creative Game Institute, where he works as an instructor and designer.

Program: Thursday, 19 September 2013



Ralf Ott, CEO ACHT, Frankfurt a.M.

Simon Mayer, COO Head of Design ACHT, Frankfurt a.M.

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

​11.45Introduction of the participants

Commercials as inspiration and source of ideas

A commercial break – Last night's programme

What do we remember and in what form?

Effect and design – a contradiction?


Lunch break


From briefing to idea:

Good arguments for better trailers




Assessment criteria for trailers:

Introduction to storytelling – Story criteria of good spots & trailers



Story elements & dramaturgy of the short form

Good & better trailers, a comparison




The design programme of the makers

Creative techniques: design programme

Exercise: script development


Discussion & summary


End of day 1

Program: Friday, 20 September 2013

08.45Get together​

Presentation of the exercise

The trailer concept with the excellent idea




Analysis of the submitted trailer examples


Lunch break


Creative exercise: The narrative perspective as a creative tool for developing ideas




Preparation & presentation of the idea


Summary & evaluation


End of the event

The seminar language will be German




Albert Heiser

​Dr. phil. Albert Heiser

Registration deadline: 13 September 2013

Number of participants: max. of 12


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Mozartstr. 3-5
D-50674 Köln