Personal Membership for Students


Establish a presence in the media industry while still in training!

With a personal membership as a student or trainee, you can take part in all Eyes & Ears public events at a membership price, receive input for your training and make important contacts for the future.

Reduced fee for attending the Eyes & Ears Conference

The focus of the Eyes & Ears Conference is on current projects, trends and future prospects of the audiovisual media. In addition to highlight contributions from young talents, inspiring keynotes from known industry actors from the TV, film, internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture are presented. The conference is a valuable trend barometer and an important communication platform for European developments in the field of audiovisual media for both professionals as well as for the new generation.

Reduced fee for Eyes & Ears Academies

The Eyes & Ears Academy is the training and continuing education programme of Eyes & Ears of Europe. In addition to theory and practice, everyday problems and challenges of the participants are the main focus. It is a matter of concern for Eyes & Ears to identify possible approaches. The offer is aimed at media professionals from the audiovisual sector. The regular events include a wide range of topics from the fields of design, promotion & marketing, law, presentation, soft skills etc.

*Eyes & Ears of Europe will automatically renew the membership if it has not been terminated by a registered letter to the Board, subject to a notice period of at least three months at the end of the financial year. The financial year corresponds to the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. Evidence of training or studies is required.