Just shake it! – HSE24 upgrades App with Shake Feature

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

That's the end of a long search! Shopping is now fun and easy – on all HSE24 channels!

Home shopping channel HSE24 understands its customers! To ensure that nothing prevents you from shopping quickly, HSE24 has now made its app, which was launched a year ago, even better – with the new shake feature. As soon as customers are interested in a product on the live show, all they have to do is open the app, shake their mobile phone briefly and immediately see the desired product and all the details.

New feature was developed completely in-house

HSE24 is the only retailer in Germany and Austria that offers the opportunity to shop directly from the stream. The new function, the Shake Feature, makes shopping even more attractive and user-friendly. "With this unique feature, we not only meet the zeitgeist and the needs of our customers, but also turn the conclusion of a purchase into an experience", says Roland Geringer, SVP E-Commerce at HSE24. "With the app, customers can easily switch back and forth between our three TV channels – whether HSE24 Extra, HSE24 Trend or HSE24. We realised that the simple ordering process is particularly appreciated. Now the desired product is just a shake away".

Shake Feature hits the spot

Shortly after the app update, the positive ratings in the app stores increased: In the Google Play Store, the app received a user rating of 4.9 – iPhone users rated the app with 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars.

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