All Eyes on OKOO – GÉDÉON creates a design for the children's programme of France Télévisions and puts a sparkle in children’s eyes

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

How do you address children and pre-schoolers at the same time? Which design can inspire both? GÉDÉON focuses on beautiful eyes.

Last December, France Télévisions completely revamped its offer for children. The first French producer of animated programmes for children has since then focused entirely on "digital first". Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, OKOO allows users to create different profiles designed according to their age. Parisian agency GÉDÉON is in charge of the design.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Design that’s worth a look

What was the challenge for GÉDÉON? A design that appeals to younger and older children alike. The Paris agency found the solution in OKOO's O's – because they are the perfect eyes. As "picto stickers", they are on the face of a sheep, a dog and other animal companions for the little ones, then on a bowl, vegetables or other everyday objects for the grown-ups and thus are the common theme throughout the design.

Eyes & Ears of Europe

Eglantine Guitard, production manager and head of the project of OKOO at GÉDÉON: "What we like about OKOO's new look is that it allows the brand to experiment and change while remaining true to its core identity. The eyes, inside the logotype, allow the channel to create an animal, an object or to customise a real life situation in the style of OKOO, all of which will be instantly recognisable to the viewer. The new identity gives infinite ways for the brand to express itself and it is always entertaining. The eyes perfectly capture a brand that is playful and always evolving."

Eyes & Ears of Europe

For the print ads, GÉDÉON replaced the eyes of the characters with the logo eyes, emphasising the station's playfulness. Furthermore it is a nod to the filters and effects used on Snapchat and Instagram.

New season – new images

As summer arrived, OKOO wanted GÉDÉON to come up with new seasonal ideas and the agency didn't need to be told twice. Surfboards, T-shirts and exotic animals such as hippos and parrots with the typical OKOO-faces invite children to watch series and films in summer.

All information on OKOO’s Design by GÉDÉON under https://www.gedeon.com/projects/okoo-global-branding/ as well as the seasonal branding https://www.gedeon.com/projects/okoo-seasonal-branding/