Exhibition tip: Shipibo Pot Stories. Patterns of the Universe

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

From 13 May to 4 June, the Weltkulturenmuseum Frankfurt is showing the exhibition "Shipibo Pot Stories. Patterns of the Universe". The accompanying multimedia installation is by René Appel. Appel is studying time-based media at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences. This installation is part of his master's thesis and is supervised by Prof. Anja Stöffler.

The Shipibo universe is filled with invisible patterns. How do shamans perceive them? And how can the spheres of the world be kept in balance? In the spin-off exhibition "Shipibo Pot Stories. Patterns of the Universe", a ceremonial beer pot by the artist Virgínia Maynas Piñon from the Amazon rainforest tells of the myths and world views of the Shipibo.

The beer pots called Chomos with their unique pattern drawings visualise cosmological narratives of the Shipibo. In the exhibition, one such pot with a human face, called Joni Chomo, is brought to life by potter Virgínia Maynas Piñon. The multimedia installation by René Appel makes the pot talk with the help of digital animations.

Contemporary Shipibo artist Harry Pinedo advised Appel on the cultural content and contributed his own artwork for the animations. The cooperation project of the Mainz University of Applied Sciences / Time-Based Media, the Weltkulturenmuseum Frankfurt and the artist Harry Pinedo combines contemporary indigenous art and knowledge with digital design art.

Place: World Cultures Laboratory, Schaumainkai 37, Frankfurt/Main

Time: 13 May - 4 June

Opening hours: Mon and Tue closed, Wed 11am-8pm, Thu-Sun 11am-6pm