"A Drink with European Media Creatives", the (Live-)Podcast from Eyes & Ears of Europe – First Episode Online Now!

by Eyes & Ears of Europe

On 29 April 2021 at 5 pm CET, the time had come: Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, presented the first Eyes & Ears LIVE event and welcomed Cécile Chavepayre, Creative Director ARTE, to the premiere. Over a glass of red wine in Cologne and sake in Paris, the two exchanged views on topics such as why there are so few female creative directors in France, how Cécile manages to calm her "monkey mind" and empty her mind for a project, and how her path led from being a teacher to the media industry.

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In addition to the video, you can now listen to the conversation as a podcast!

A look behind the scenes of the media industry and into the minds of the people behind it – that's what "A Drink with European Media Creatives" is all about. With one guest alone or with several European colleagues, our presenter discusses current topics, specific and personal backgrounds, professional careers and, last but not least, their favourite drink. Once a month as a live conversation with the option to ask questions and later as a podcast to listen to over and over again.