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Stephan Grünewald, Diplom-Psychologe & Geschäftsführer rheingold-Institut

Stephan Grünewald is a graduate psychologist, co-founder of the renowned rheingold Institute and bestselling author. He was born on 8 November 1960 and studied psychology at the University of Cologne.

The "Psychologist of the Nation" (Frankfurter Allgemeine) is a much sought-after expert in the media. In 2006 his first book "Germany on the Couch" (Campus) was published. 2008 "Cologne on the Couch" (Kiwi), which also became a bestseller, 2013 his book " The Exhausted Society. Why Germany Must Dream Again" (Campus) and in March 2019 his latest book " How Does Germany Tick? Psychology of a troubled society (Kiwi).

Photo: Mrs. Maya Claussen

About rheingold GmbH & Co. KG

rheingold is one of the most renowned addresses for qualitative-psychological impact research and one of the last independent market research institutes in Germany. The institute, with its approximately 45 permanent employees and 55 freelance contractors - predominantly graduate psychologists - specialises in in-depth psychological research on culture, markets and media. They develop their analyses on the basis of morphological market and media research developed at the University of Cologne. Year by year, over 5,000 women and men are "on the couch" at rheingold. The scientists also analyse the unconscious psychological influencing factors and contexts that influence the actions of every human being. Among the institute's clients are not only public clients, but also the Beletage of the German and European economy.