16th International Eyes & Ears Awards

​23.10. / Munich

Submissions Portal

Submit your projects in the fields of design, audio, interactive, promotionand cross-media campaigns via our submissions portal!

As of Monday, May 5, 2014, you can submit yourcontributions until no later than Tuesday, July 1, 2014, via the Internetportal http://einreichungsportal.eeofe.org.

Please register via the registration form on the internet portal to submit yourcontributions for the Eyes & Ears Awards 2014. After activation by Eyes& Ears of Europe, you will receive an email.

Please note the changes to the submission portal: Submissions can be duplicatednow. Thus, if you would like to enter the same submission into multiplecategories, you no longer have to create a new submission from scratch. Also,changing categories for a submission is now easy. Providing additionalinformation on submissions has been made optional.

After completing your submission process: In order to process your submissions and so that any associated issuescan be taken care of promptly, we would ask you to send a list of all entriesand the corresponding categories to awards@eeofe.org after completing your submissions.


The fee for a singlesubmission is €350,-.

Depending on your membershipwith Eyes & Ears of Europe, you have a certain amount of free entries:

​​​Personal Membership
1 free entry
​​Non-Profit-Educational Institution Membership
1 free entry
​​Starter Membership
3 free entries
​Corporate Membership C
6 free entries
​Corporate Membership B
12 free entries
Corporate Membership A
18 free entries


Ina Braun, +49 (221) 6060 57 10, ina.braun@eeofe.org

Marion Snyders, +49 (221) 6060 57 17, marion.snyders@eeofe.org