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Eyes & Ears of Europe

Digital change has a major impact on the media industry and the fight for attention is becoming increasingly difficult. TV channels, digital channels and online providers are competing for the attention of viewers. Technical innovations enable the user to have an immersive and interactive experience. The storytelling process is being re-invented.

Opportunity or Threat?

For marketers and creative people this means a change of thinking, but at the same time also a large playground of possibilities. It has never been so important for industry players in the audiovisual sector to follow current trends and perspectives and take them into account in their daily work.

Artificially intelligent systems have already arrived in our everyday lives and are transforming our society. They analyze and generate images, texts, sounds, language, recognize faces and emotions, write news articles, compose music, diagnose fatal diseases, fly drones, play Space Invader, Go & Poker - many of them faster and often better than humans are able to.

AI as Storyteller

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly entering areas that were previously reserved for creative minds, including classic storytelling. Companies are using AI to completely rethink digital storytelling. There are the first commercials, movies and games written entirely by AI systems.

  • What impact will AI have on the storytelling of the future?
  • How will the creative industry change when complex algorithms take professional photos and write films on their own?
  • And where can language assistants like Alexa, Cortana & Co. be used?

Eyes & Ears of Europe, in cooperation with the City of Cologne and the Mediennetzwerk.NRW, will get to the bottom of these as well as further questions - on 15 May 2019 in Cologne.

The event will take place in German. Select presentations may be in English.

Further information and programme content will follow shortly.


Eyes & Ears of Europe
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Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

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