14th International Eyes & Ears Conference

News & Information Design for Audio-Visual Media – How theatrical can, might or should it be?

14th International Eyes & Ears Conference on 19 & 20 November 2009 at ORF in Vienna

At first glance, the terms 'news' and 'information' on the one hand and 'theatricality' on the other hand seem to be mutually exclusive: Theatricality suggests something artificial, overstated and exhibitionist. A characterization along these lines contradicts the unemotional concept of news and information brokering, which is dependent solely on good, honest investigation, sober distance, and objectiveness and fairness in reporting.

But theatricality also offers opportunities: It is, after all, about the presentation of reality, which is communicated and focused through images, signs and codes. Therefore, the thoughtful audiovisual preparation of abstract, complex or difficult facts can indeed be helpful for the purpose of improving the communication of news and information.

Especially in the age of digitalisation, media on demand, weblogs and web 2.0, there is a wide array of information on offer. Together with the increasing number of news and information services in the field of audiovisual media, the media audience's need for an understandable and, at the same time, clear and explanatory presentation of complex facts is also growing. In the competition for viewer and user favour, correspondingly differentiated audiovisual programme elements are being employed in the news and information segments: the spectrum ranges from programme openers, scenography, props, information graphics and animation to specific adaptations and variations for Internet and mobile devices.

The 14th International Eyes & Ears Conference at the ORF in Vienna will focus on the following questions: What are the Status quo and the windows-of-opportunity regarding the audio-visual design of news and information? To what degree can the specific presentation of news and information in the audiovisual media contribute to coping with complexity? Or does this development lead to undesired reduction, deformation and exaggeration with regard to the demand for reality in connection with news and information formats in audio-visual media?


Thursday, 19 November 2009



Elmar Oberhauser, Information Director Television ORF, Vienna

Karl Amon, Editor-in-Chief Television ORF, Vienna

Prof. Mag. Gustav Lohrmann, GAD/Head of Art Direction ORF, Vienna

Programme & Presentation

Wout Nierhoff, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne


Lateral Type Design for News & Information Services

Markus Hanzer, Partner mira4 Agentur für Marke, Design & Technik, Vienna





​12.30The ORF Newsroom

Mag. Elisabeth Totzauer, Responsible for 'Zeit im Bild' ORF, Vienna

Mag. Rupert Putz, Head of Information Design ORF, Vienna


Lunch break


The ZDF News Studio

Horst Schick, Head of Corporate Design ZDF, Mainz

Dipl.-Ing. ETH Ruedi Alexander Müller-Beyeler, Entrepreneur, Expert for Brands, Design & Communications, Zurich




Set Design for News & Information Programmes

Simon Jago, Creative Director Set Design Bruce Dunlop & Associates, London


Music, Composition & Audio Design for News & Information Programmes

Dr. Anselm C. Kreuzer, Freelance Composer & Musicologist, Cologne


ran – Sport Moments on Sat.1

Sven Froberg, Head of Sports Sat.1, Munich

Rainer Heneis, Head of Marketing Sat.1, Munich

​19.00​End of day one

Eyes & Ears Get Together

Friday, 20 November 2009

​09.00Get together​
​09.30DW-TV – Walled in!

Max Hofmann Project Manager DW-TV, Berlin

Simon Häcker, 3D Artist art+com, Berlin


​10.30Speaking, Voice Dramaturgy & Direction for News & Information

Thomas Friebe, Speaker, Cologne





Sovereignty Enhancement for Anchorpersons with TouchViz

Thomas Brun, Corporate Development tpc, Zurich

Thomas Feger, eMedia tpc, Zurich

​12.45​Lunch Break

Piero – Painting the Picture for the World Cup 2010

Karl Stone, Head of Business Development for Piero Red Bee Media, London


From Black List to White List…

Stefan Wolters, Account Director Liquid Campaign, Cologne


Discussion with the speakers and

Elmar Oberhauser, Information Director Television ORF, Vienna

Prof. Mag. Gustav Lohrmann, GAD/Head of Art Direction ORF, Vienna

Stefan Wolters, Account Director Liquid Campaign, Cologne

Host: Wout Nierhoff


End of the event

Eyes & Ears of Europe


Eyes & Ears of Europe