7th International Eyes & Ears Conference

INSPIRATION 21 - 7th International Eyes & Ears Conference 5 & 6 September 2002 in Cologne

INSPIRATION 21 is the motto for this year’s European highlight event for all those responsible for design, promotion and brand communication in the audio-visual media of TV, film, radio and internet.


Thursday, 5 September 2002


Host Andreas Seitz, Cologne

​11.05Welcome Wout Nierhoff,

CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne



Prof. Manfred Becker,MD RTL CREATION, Cologne; Chairman Eyes & Ears of Europe

Corporate design revolution or brand evolution I ?


Patrick Kast, Art Director VIVA, Cologne

Wolf Derek Ehrhardt, MD Biz.Quit Mediendesign, Cologne

​11.45ETB Euskal Telebista

Gaby Madracevic, Creative Director Velvet Mediendesign, Munich

Ulli Zick, Line Producer Velvet Mediendesign, Munich



Jörg Schütte, MD tv.nrw, Dortmund

Oliver Geiss, Head of Marketing & Communications tv.nrw, Dortmund

​12.25RTE Radio Telefis Eireann

David Phelan, Graphic Designer RTE, Dublin

​13.00Lunch Break
Corporate design revolution or brand evolution II ?


Marc Ortmans, Executive Creative Director OrtmansYoung International, London


Avant première avec ARTE Info

Henri L’Hostis, Head of Operations ARTE, Strasbourg

Barbara Schroeder, Project Manager ARTE, Strasbourg


On-air inspirations

​15.45Less is more

Axel Breuer, MD VoodooLounge, Munich


Inspiration! No time? Perfect is the enemy of good...

Andreas Uiker, Head of On-Air Promotion RTL II, Munich

Klaus Schäfer, MD Image Plus Media, Cologne

Kim Benjamin Schwaner, Managing & Creative Director Brand New Media, Hamburg

16.25Brand entertainment, or: the end of promotion…

Michael Barry, Creative Director Universal Studios Networks Worldwide, London

What we can do with puppet animation...
​17.30The Fingers

Susanne Lüchtrath, MD Creation feedmee, Cologne

Anton Riedel, MD Creation feedmee, Cologne


Arne Clasvogt, MD Biz.Quit Mediendesign, Cologne

​18.10Drachenfels & Haselhörnchen

Susanne Schosser, Programme Director Super RTL, Cologne

Dr. Stefan Lichter, MD GUM, Cologne

David Wilms, Host Super RTL, Cologne

Martin Reinl, Puppet designer and player, Cologne

​19.00​End of first day
​20.00Eyes & Ears chill out – Food & drinks

Friday, 6 September 2002


Get together - Breakfast


Host Andreas Seitz, Cologne

Set Design – Starting point of innovative programmes?


Virtual set as innovation laboratory

Bernd Jünger, Production Designer WDR, Cologne


The relaunch of ZIB – Zeit im Bild

Mag. Gustav Lohrmann, GAD/Head of Art Direction ORF, Vienna


Set design as programme

Prof.Volker Weicker, freelance director, Darmstadt

Josef Jumpers, Head of Graphics & Animation Services RTL CREATION, Cologne


InspiraTon · InspiraSon · InspiraSound

​11.00Film music – one way or the other!

Jens Hafemann, freelance composer, Cologne

Carsten Rocker, freelance composer, Cologne


How much sound generates emotion, or:

Who’s slaughtered whom?

Olaf Mierau, MD/ Producer Giesing-Team Tonproduktion, Munich/L.A.

Mario Lauer, Head of Music ZDF, Mainz

Typography · Typographics · Type sculptures · Type spaces
​12.25Securing of evidence in the type museum

Markus Hanzer, Art Director DMC, Vienna

​12.45Anti heroes & paragons: Type in comics & films

Elke Tholen, freelance art director, Cologne

Ralf Lobeck, Senior Art Director RTL CREATION, Cologne

​13.20​Lunch Break
Objective or subjective? Colour coding in av media
​14.20Genre specific cross media colour coding

Horst Schick, Senior Art Director ZDF, Mainz

​14.40Subjective cross media colour coding

Barbara Simon, Head of Marketing/Art Director ProSieben, Unterföhring

Markus Schmidt, MD SevenSenses, Ismaning/Berlin

​15.00Colour codes: interactive chromatics

Andreas Heck, Graduate from the

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg

Consistently convergent?
​16.05Navigation design in the digital media context

Wilfried Rütten, Senior Manager Business Developement QS Communications, Cologne

Jonathan Barton, Director Digital Entertainment Nascent Form, Liverpool

​16.25Integrated cross media design at VIVA Plus

Marcel Joachim, Art Director VIVA Plus, Cologne

Branding & qualitative value generation
​17.15Self design – The end of the target group concept?

Christoph Mecke, Head of Creation BBDO InterOne, Cologne

​17.45Star selling & brand entertainment

Marcus Ammon, Programme Director Universal Studios Networks Deutschland, Munich

​18.15​Final discussion
​18.30End of the Eyes & Ears Conference 2002

Eyes & Ears of Europe



Media release from 28 August 2002

​Cologne, 28.08.02 - INSPIRATION 21 is the motto for this year’s European highlight event for all those responsible for design, promotion and brand communication in the audio-visual media of TV, film, radio and internet. The organiser of the 7th International Eyes & Ears Conference, which takes place on 5 and 6 September 2002 at Cologne’s Mediapark, is Eyes & Ears of Europe, the Association for the Design, Promotion and Marketing of Audiovisual Media. more

Eyes & Ears of Europe


The 7th Eyes & Ears Conference 2002 – INSPIRATION 21 – is being given special support by RTL Television, Super RTL, CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center, CRAXX Medienproduktion, BBDO InterOne, QS Communications, Avid, IFS - Internationale FilmSchule Köln, The City of Cologne and RTL CREATION.