16. Internationale Eyes & Awards

​23.10. / München

Eyes & Ears Excellence Award 2014

Eyes & Ears of Europe
Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper, Director & Designer of Film Title Sequences, Prologue Films , Venice/CA

The title sequence has to guide the viewers into the movie. Tell a pre-story or introduce the over all setting of the film. It should generate a seamless over all experience in conjunction with the movie and guide you from the conscious world outside the theatre into a specific “magic” state of mind, where you enter the world light and sound. After over 20 years Kyle Cooper looks back at more than 150 title designs, many of which can be considered milestones of audiovisual design – engraved into our cultural knowledge on an iconic level. New York Times Magazine voted him amongst the most influential designers of the 1990ies, for his 1995 title sequence for David Finchers neo-noire-thriller “se7en”. Other works include such outstanding work like the 1996 “The Island of Dr. Moreau”, directed by John Frankenheimer, 2002 “Spiderman”, directed by Sam Raimi, Zack Snyders Romero adaptation “Dawn of the Dead” from 2004 and also in 2004 the video game “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”, directed by Hideo Kujima – just to name a few peaks of his works. His creative excellence and his very often irritating and demanding visual language that incorporates a mixture of analog and digital imagery, a sensitive feeling for any kind of typographic representation and – most important – a narrative and dramatic power that must be considered unique, has reached much further than just film. Many works in the field of TV design, games and beyond have been influenced by his unique style.