Storytelling with the camera

25.04. – 26.04.2013 / Eyes & Ears Academy, Munich

In the context of this two-day workshop conducted by Eyes & Ears of Europe and Bayerisches Fernsehen in Munich, the camera will be analysed as a stylistic device with regard to its use in design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. Therefore, basic film principles and narrative patterns regarding the camera will be explained: They can be used to generate ideas and develop concepts for station idents, labels, openers, trailers or any other kind of short forms. After the theoretical introduction, participants will develop their own spots as part of a practical exercise – from the idea to the concept to the point of filming with the camera.

The focus is on the following questions: How can the camera, as a creative device, support the processes of generating ideas and concepts? How are image areas, camera movements and effects used to emphasize the expression of content? How can emotions be evoked or even intensified through storytelling with the camera? These reflections are intended to enable participants to see the camera as more than just a technical tool: the paradigm "camera" can rather be regarded as an option for generating ideas and concepts for design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media.

This Eyes & Ears of Europe and Bayerisches Fernsehen event is primarily aimed at employees of media and communication companies, (post) production firms, design studios, agencies and consultancies. Persons interested in the media, students and trainees are also very welcome.


Frank Schneider, Director & Managing Director Filmstyler Pictures, Frankfurt/Main

Apprenticeship as photographer. Subsequently employed at international advertising agencies with a main focus on conception and text. Assistant to various directors in advertising and feature films. Since 1995, conception and direction of music videos. Since 1998, director for advertising and TV design. Lecturer for film design at Fachhochschule in Mainz. Since 2007, lecturer at Texterschmiede in Hamburg. Since 2009, guest lecturer at Hochschule Darmstadt. Director & managing director Filmstyler Pictures.

Program: Thursday, 25 April 2013



Uwe Kassner, Head of Marketing/Press/PR/Online Coordination & Responsible for Design

Bayerisches Fernsehen, Munich

Volker Jungbäck, Head of Programme Promotion Bayerisches Fernsehen, Munich

Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne

​11.15​Introduction of the participants

Some important camera basics


Crucial factors for image design


Lunch break


Selection of sharpness


Choice of lenses


Definition of shot sizes


Determining the proper perspective




Practice: "Resolving a scene"


Digression: Staging with the camera is pure psychology


Camera movements and their impact on the viewer

​18.45Choreographed interaction between camera and performer

End of Day 1

Program: Friday, 26 April 2013

08.30Get together​

Briefing for the staging of a sequence

"Same topic - different statement"

(In groups)


Development and planning of the appropriate camera settings


Shooting in groups


Lunch Break



(Group work)


Presentation & discussion


Summary & Evaluation


End of the event

The seminar language will be German.




Frank Schneider

​Frank Schneider

Registration deadline: 19 April 2013

Number of participants: max. of 20


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Mozartstr. 3-5
D-50674 Köln