Film Montage – When pictures develop in the mind

28.11. – 29.11.2013 / Eyes & Ears Academy, Strasbourg

A knife / a screaming woman. Two images that are cleverly assembled in the film montage always result in something new – a third image that arises in the mind of the viewer. The film montage takes individual parts and turns them into a new reality with its own laws of time and space. It makes it possible to draw the attention of the viewer, to influence him and to generate emotions in him.

Cut. During this two-day Eyes & Ears Academy, exemplary films are "stopped" and the transition from one image to the next is examined in greater detail. The event organized by Eyes & Ears of Europe and ARTE in Strasbourg provides insight into the basics of designing the frame and its combination techniques through to complex montage forms and their effects.

Cut. After the two days, participants will watch movies with different eyes and will have developed a new sensitivity to the image and its possible combinations, but can hopefully continue to be captivated by the allure of the medium.

The event is aimed primarily at individuals working in media and communications companies, (post) production firms, design studios, consultancies, as well as marketing, advertising and dialogue agencies who want to find out more about this topic. Those generally interested, students and trainees are also welcome.


Oliver Bittner, Unit Manager Producing RTL CREATION, Cologne

Born 1969 in Hof a.d. Saale. Study of modern German literature, theater studies / audiovisual media and psychology at the University of Erlangen. Over 20 years' experience in the film industry with a focus on screenwriting, directing and editing. In 1999, he began as a producer at RTL CREATION in on-air promotion. Since 2001, he is responsible for RTL programme priorities as Unit Manager Producing in the area of On-Air Promotion.

Program: Thursday, 28 November 2013



Birgit Gabriel, Department Head of Production ARTE, Strasbourg

Corinna Kamhausen, CEO Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cologne


Introduction of the participants


The history of the montage – Storytelling with images in paintings and film


Lunch break


The image: Picture composition & movie image


The montage: Cinematic space & time



Montage in the picture


Soft concatenation of shots I




Soft concatenation of shots II

18.30​End of day 1

Program: Friday, 29 November 2013

09.00Get together​

Warm up – Summary


Hard concatenation of shots


Editing rhythm




Narrative montage: Cross-cutting, parallel montage – Montage as a carrier of meaning


Lunch Break


Theories of montage


Final discussion & evaluation


End of the event

The seminar language will be German.




Oliver Bittner

​Oliver Bittner

Registration Deadline: 22 November 2013

Number of participants: max. of 20


Eyes & Ears of Europe
Mozartstr. 3-5
D-50674 Köln