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'Sportschau' has a new look developed by BDA Creative

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For thestart of the European Football Championship, the 'ARD Sportschau' got a newlook. The new appearance was developed by BDA Creative. The expertsin branding, communication and on-air promotion were able to prevail in thepitch and have redesigned the appearance of the entire programme brand: fromthe logo and broadcast design for the TV show to graphics for special sportsevents and TV studios to web and mobile design.

The key visual is the iconographic figurative mark, theso-called "S-shape". It embraces the logo of the respective events,thus creating a strong link between 'Sportschau' and the respective organizerbrand such as UEFA EURO, Olympia and the Bundesliga. The "S-shape" isalso in the infographics for the branding element.

"We want to make the vitality and versatility ofthe brand 'Sportschau' tangible. Therefore, the S-shape interacts with anymajor event within an appropriate environment. For the EURO it is a stadium, atOlympia the venue Rio will play a role."


Client: Creative Director / Head of ARD Design andPresentation: Henriette Edle von Hoessle. Agency: BDA Creative Munich, CreativeDirector: Tim Finnamore, Strategy: Philipp Wundt & Benjamin Kerneck. SoundDesign: Trevista audiodesign

For more information visit http://www.bdacreative.com/de/node-550c0c8fc66dc/sportschau.html

FilmTonArt 2016

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On Friday, 24 June 2016, the FilmTonArt at theBR-Funkhaus in Munich is all about music and sound in the media.

Since 2009, FIlmTonArt offers diverse topics andstarting points on the subject of film music. Artistic aspects, musicalchallenges and current trends are the focus in workshops, panels and paneldiscussions. Illustrative answers and background stories were already given bywell-known participants such as Oscar winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck,Giorgio Moroder, Howard Shore, Caroline Link, Michel Legrand, as well as SirPeter Jonas, Klaus Doldinger, Dominik Graf, Florian David Fitz. At the centralindustry event in Germany, composers, sound designers, filmmakers and cineastesmeet.

This year the FilmTonArt Forum will take place for thefirst time. During a kind of speed-dating, newcomers have the opportunity tomeet experienced professionals and to ask them questions.

Further information and the programme at http://www.br.de/unternehmen/inhalt/filmtonart/programm/index.html

'SchoolsON' - ProSiebenSat.1 calls for student competition

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Under the motto 'SchoolsON' ProSiebenSat.1 has justlaunched a video contest for young people. The contest is supported by theGerman Children and Youth Foundation.

12- to 20-year-old are asked to produce TV and onlinecontributions alone or in groups. Students can submit their contributions atwww.schools-on.de until 31 July 2016 The clip with the best ideas will bebroadcast on ProSieben. Other prizes include a studio visit with"Taff", "Galileo" or "Newstime" as well astechnology packages with hardware and software.

What contributions win will be decided by a juryconsisting of prominent faces like Annemarie Carpendale, Dieter Kronzucker andFunda Vanroy. The winning entries will be determined in the age groups 12-15years and 16-20 years.

Dr. Heike Kahl, Executive Director of the German Childrenand Youth Foundation "'SchoolsOn' gives young people space for creativedevelopment and allows us to better understand the content and themes concerningyoung people. The students can discover their own talents that they might havepreviously not known about. With the ability to participate in the competitionas a class, we promote a sense of community and team spirit. "

"With 'SchoolsOn` we want to inspire young peopleto deal with media literacy. The competition provides numerous links forschools to offer youth-friendly digital education - both in lessons as well asin project work. Whether politics, society, sociology, science or mathematics -specialized topics can shed new light on the media. We want to arouse youngpeople's interest in general topics "said Dr. Edmund Stoiber, retiredPrime Minister and the Chairman of the Advisory Board at ProSiebenSat.1 MediaSE.

The 'SchoolsOn' initiative is part of the currentfocus on 'Digital Education' of the Advisory Board of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group.

Additional criteria and information about thecompetition at www.schools-on.de

HAWK Designschau 2016

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Until 25 June the HAWK Design Department is showingthe best projects of the last year during the 'Designschau'.

Presented are master as well as bachelor theses andterm projects. There are conceptual, moving, visual, surprising and technicalthings to see. The exhibition is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM.

At the end of the Designschau the Designkiosk willtake place. Here, all the students of the HAWK Design Department had theopportunity to enter their projects. These will be sold from 23 to 25 June 2016,12 PM to 7 PM, in House A.

Address: HAWK Hildesheim,Renatastraße 11, 31134 Hildesheim

Further information at http://www.hawk-hhg.de/aktuell/default_213497.php

Personnel note: Andrea Bednarz & Gabi Madračević

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Andrea Bednarz & Gabi Madračević

Andrea Bednarz, the former co-CEO of the Munich designagency Luxlotusliner, has recently left the company at her own request."After these great and successful years, it is now time for me to take onnew challenges," Andrea Bednarz reasons the decision. Andrea Bednarz willcontinue to serve as creative director on national and international mediaprojects in the future. Gabi Madračević, now sole managing director ofLuxlotusliner GmbH, commented on this step: "I thank my partner for thesuccessful contribution she has made to the success of the company and wish herall the best for the future."

Exhibition tip: 'Sneakers. Design for fast feet'

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Left:Sneakerking, Almost too rare to wear - Insect Butterflies, 1/2008,Agentur: Leo Burnett GmbH Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Marcus Caviola,Flachdruck, 59,7 x 44 cm, © Leo Burnett GmbH Frankfurt am Main
​Right: Yoske Nishiumi (Design) für Onitsuka Tiger, KOI Morphing, Berlin, 1/2008, Poster,
100,0 x 70,0 cm, Agentur: KoiKlub, Foto: Kai von Rabenau, © Kai von Rabenau

Until28 August 2016 the MKG – Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg is showing theexhibition 'Sneakers. Design for fast feet'.

Sneakers first attracted widespread attention in 1985when they became associated with youth and hip-hop culture. It was also theyear in which Joschka Fischer wore trainers when he was sworn in as environmentminister for the State of Hesse.

Sneakers have surreptitiously evolved fromspecial-purpose sports shoes and quietly sneaked into the midst of our society.They have become a worldwide phenomenon and a vital accessory for the moderncity-dweller. Some dozen major brands – and hundreds of lesser ones – are incompetition to find favour with consumers. This struggle is being conductedless and less through price wars and is instead being fought by other means: inthe battle for hip design and a cool image. Of course, there are still shoesfor particular types of sport but these days a more important market is streetshoes, which appear in series, have “names”, and are often only brought out inlimited editions, accompanied by elaborate advertising campaigns.

Charting the astonishing rise of the trainer over thelast thirty years, the exhibition 'Sneakers.Design for Fast Feet'looksat this seminal piece of footwear, which serves as a fashion statement,providing a splash of colour in our daily lives. As the first major show on thesubject in Germany, it examines the phenomenon of sneaker culture from avariety of angles, shedding light on its importance in youth culture, itsdesign, the marketing strategies adopted by its manufacturers, and thecollector scene. There are a total of around 250 exhibits on display, includingsome 120 pairs of shoes – historic examples worn by famous sports stars,constituting a selection of prized items from private collections. Designersand customizers like Sebastian Thies and Henriette Wagener have their say andcollectors give short accounts of their proud conquests. Also on show arearound 120 posters and promotional print materials from around the world,created by young designers and mostly distributed by large agencies – oftenones with an international presence – as well as a series of commercials.

'Sneakers. Design for fast feet' until 28 August 2016 atthe MKG, Steintorplatz, D-20099 Hamburg. Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday andFriday through Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM, Thursday from 10 AM to 9 PM, closedon Monday.

Moreinformation at http://www.mkg-hamburg.de/en/exhibitions/current/sneaker.html

Book tip: 'STORY NOW'

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"In a country where theaverage citizen visits the cinema 5 times a year, reads four novels, watches TVfive days a week and uses his smart phone 30 times a day, it makes sense toinvestigate what media changes mean for storytelling" it says in thepreface to 'STORY NOW – A manual for digital storytelling'

The fact that the mediaindustry is undergoing change is not new and was actually always like that. Butespecially with the digitization a variety of challenges will open up. Themedia industry is under increasing pressure: all content must be availablealways and everywhere. But not only the ways of distribution and revenuemodels, also offers themselves and their production changes.

STORY NOW is a practicalhandbook for all who wish to get involved in the digital dimension of theirmedia projects - from conception to production to application. The focus of thepublication is the following questions: When does it make sense to pursue amedia and cross-platform approach? What narrative possibilities are offered bythe digital world? What do new narrative possibilities mean for the design ofmedia services? How are innovative projects presented? And how are promisingprojects funded?

The German 208-page book'STORY NOW - A Manual for digital storytelling' is available in bookshops for€24.90. For more information visit http://www.story-now.de/