Eyes & Ears eNews 08-2014

DREAM ON gives the new Pan-African ChannelA+ a brand identity

Vorkurzem wurde die Kreativ-Agentur DREAM ON mit der Launch-Kampagne für den neuenafrikanischen TV-Sender A+ beauftragt. CanalSat bietet damit seinen Zuschauerneinen neuen Kanal und eine weiterführende Website in über 20französisch-sprachigen Ländern Afrikas.

Recently, the creative agency DREAM ON was assigned the task ofcreating the launch campaign for the new Pan African Channel, A+.CanalSat now offers its subscribers a new channel and a related websitein over 20 French-speaking African countries.

"Working to create the brand identity for a Pan-African channel wasquite interesting and challenging as we had to immerse ourselves in thevarious cultures, find out what the different countries had in commonand what would appeal to everyone", commented Juliette Clerc, head ofTV Branding at Dream On. "Right away, we knew the logo would be at theheart of the campaign, building on the strong Canal+ brand."

Although the monumental Logo is always the focal point, it effectivelyshowcases the contents of the channel and thus makes it possible toreflect all cultures and facets.

The campaign can be seen at https://vimeo.com/110574413.

Call for submissions: Shocking Shorts Award2015

Until 31 January 2015, young filmmakers can submit their short films tothe 2015 Shocking Shorts Award competition. In July 2015, 13TH STREETUniversal will award the short film prize to a new directing talent forthe 16th time. The winner of the first Shocking Shorts Award in 2000was Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who later went on to win anOscar. With the award, the TV channel for thrill and crime gives thewinner a chance to participate in the Universal Studios Film MastersProgramme, where they can acquire know-how and international experienceat the Universal Studios in Hollywood.
For a successful submission to the competition, the followingconditions must be fulfilled: The short film should be classifiable asbelonging to the action, crime, thriller, mystery or horror genre. Theshort film must be in German, no older than two years and have amaximum duration of 30 minutes.

Further information and registration forms athttp://www.13thstreet.de/shocking-shorts-award

Press contact: Mirsad Halilovic, Press & PR Manager, UniversalNetworks International Germany, Mirsad.Halilovic@nbcuni.com

AiR'15 – Young authors wanted

In cooperation with the ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts, thedigital agency Virtual Identity has launched the programme 'AiR'15– Authors in Residence' to support young authors from the fieldsof digital media, journalism, film, design and art. Virtual Identity isconvinced that media innovations no longer come only from the bigplayers, but from young people who think differently and are closelylinked. These innovators and their stories are now being sought.Interested parties can apply to the program until Tuesday, December 30,2014. Candidates should send their story concept of no more than 2,500characters together with CV and photo to air@virtual-identity.com.

From all entries, a jury will select the best three submissions. Thewinners will be invited to Virtual Identity in Vienna where they willhave the chance to develop their stories in the agency network.Participants will receive accommodation in Vienna, a monthly honorariumof €900 as well as €800 toward travel expenses. In addition,the stories produced are published on the website of Virtual Identity.

Prof. Dr. Martin Zimper, director of the study programmeCast/Audiovisual Media at ZHdK, will be on the jury and says: "I amhappy that Virtual Identity is giving young authors the opportunity totell their stories with such creative freedom. This simply has to besupported."

Call for entries at http://virtual-identity.com/story/agentur/air15

Personnel note: Elmar Krick

Recently, Elmar Krick became a new member of the Board of Eyes &Ears of Europe. The annual general assembly of the association electedthe Marketing & Creative Director of UNIVERSAL NETWORKSINTERNATIONAL at the end of November.

Exhibitiontip: 'Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design'

Sketch „King'sBedroom“ for THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE
GB/USA 1994, Director: Nicholas Hytner
© Sir Ken Adam
Source: Deutsche Kinemathek – Ken Adam Archiv

Until 17 May 2015, the retrospective 'Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's FilmDesign' can be seen at the German film archive in Berlin. ProductionDesigner Sir Ken Adams was responsible for the production design onmore than 70 films and made film history with his spectacular sets.With his scenographic spaces that were mostly realised in the studio,he created a new style that has had a lasting influence on film designand the viewing habits of audiences. Adam - true to his designphilosophy "bigger than life" - challenged the boundaries betweenreality and imagination in his work. He has given each of his movies astrong visual presence and pull. He has received numerous awards forhis work, including Academy Awards for Best Production Design for'Barry Lyndon' (Stanley Kubrick, 1975) and 'The Madness of King George'(Nicholas Hytner, 1994).

The complete works of Ken Adam include over 4,000 drawings. Inaddition, there are photos and clips filmed by Adam during his researchand on the set, as well as biographical testimonies and his awards.

'Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design' until 17 May 2015 at theDeutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen,Potsdamer Strasse 2, 10785 Berlin. Opening hours: Tuesday throughSunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., closed onMonday.

Further information athttp://www.deutsche-kinemathek.de/en/exhibitions/2014/bigger-than-life

Buchtipp:'75 Jahre Marvel'


Zur Feier des 75. Geburtstags von Marvel präsentiertTASCHEN die umfangreiche Dokumentation '75 Jahre Marvel. Von den Anfängen bisins 3. Jahrtausend'. Das Werk über den einflussreichsten Comic-Verlag unsererZeit enthältInsider-Informationen zu den berühmten Figuren, aber auch zum Stall derKreativen, die mitunter ebenso legendär wurden, wie die Protagonisten, die sieschufen: Stan "the Man" Lee, Jack "King" Kirbyund ein Aufgebot von Comic-Größen wie Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin.MitEssays des Comic-Historikers und ehemaligen Marvel-Chefredakteurs Roy Thomasergründet dieses Buch die Herzen zahlloser kostümierter Charaktere, die wie ehund je in Comics, Filmen und den Spielzeug-Regalen der Welt für das Gutekämpfen.

DasBuch im XL-Format umfasst 712 Seiten mit rund 2.000 Abbildungen, darunter alteComic-Hefte, wertvolle Originalseiten, Fotos mit Blick hinter die Kulissen,Standfotos aus Filmen und Abbildungen gefragter Spielzeuge und Sammlerstücke.In der Publikation sind zudem Biografien von über 300 Zeichnern, Autoren,Redakteuren und berühmten Fans, die die Geschichte von Marvel mitprägten,gesammelt. Ein kleines Highlight ist die über 1,20 m lange illustrierteZeitleiste in Leporellofaltung.

DieDokumentation ist im TASCHEN Verlag erschienen und zum Preis von 150 Euro imBuchhandel erhältlich. Weitere Informationen auf ​http://www.taschen.com/