Eyes & Ears eNews 06-2014

RTL CREATION revises Station-CI

To start the new RTL-Season, RTL CREATION presents the station with arevised CI. The relaunch is reduced to the essentials: This autumn, thehandwritten 'Mein' has been omitted and is only spoken off-camera. Thenavigation of the programme content takes center stage. The dailybranding is emphasised more and the new trailer packaging gives morespace to the picture. The logo itself was only slightly revised.

The RTL look with its three colours remains the same. "We are veryclose to the brand solely because of our thoroughly composed colourred-yellow-blue and it will stay that way," says Ulli Schumacher,Creative Director Design at RTL CREATION. In addition, there is a newRTL stripe in the station colors that subtly finds itself in all majordesign elements.

With the RTL relaunch, the individual formats can gain a higheraudience perception. "RTL lives of its distinctive content and strongviewer loyalty, which we want to continue to give space and setting,"said Ulli Schumacher.

BDA Creative produces new Channel Brandingfor Classica

After BDA Creative Munich recently developed and produced the graphicconcept design for the new Disney Channel that already launched in theU.S. and Germany, the creative agency has landed another internationalorder: BDA Creative has given the channel Classica a completely newbranding .

Classica airs internationally on 37 platforms in 27 countries. InGermany the station is broadcast in the evening on Sky or around theclock at Unity Media. "Classica is a passion for classical music inaudiovisual form. Because of our quality programme, we are obliged tohave the most appealing and best offer for the lovers of classicalmusic worldwide", says Johannes Everding, Managing Director of Classica.

Philipp Wundt, Managing Director of BDA Creative Munich, on the newdesign: "From the logo design to the branding to the identityproduction Classica provided us with a unique challenge: We wanted todust off the theme of 'Classic', but incorporate the dynamics andlive-music character into the design.

A clip on the new channel branding of Classica at http://bdacreative.com/munich/project/classica-channel-rebrand-2014

15th Shocking Shorts Award – The Finalists

Nearly 200 young directors have submitted their short films for thisyear's Shocking Shorts Award. The Short Film Award by 13th Streetoffers the winner a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenesof Hollywood. With the 'Universal Filmmasters Program' the winnerreceives a two-week intensive course in the central departments of themajor studios in Los Angeles.

Now, the three finalists that were selected by a professional jury,have been found:

This year, the actors Désirée Nosbusch, Anna Maria Sturm,Michael Brandner, Oliver Mommsen and Ralph Herforth as well asUniversal Networks Programme Head Karin Schrader and head of the scriptdepartment at the HFF Munich Doron Wisotzky sat in the jury.

On July 3, the 15th Shocking Shorts Award take place at the Munich FilmFestival, presented by Kai Wiesinger.

In addition, the channel for thrill and crime will present the Top 10of this year's entries on June 28 at 20.13 p.m. in 'The Long Night ofShocking Shorts'. Short film lovers will have the opportunity to watchthe Top 10 on July 4 at 22.13 p.m. at the City Kino in Munich.

Further information at http://www.13thstreet.de/shocki​ng-shorts-award

Exhibitiontip: ‘Posters. Andy Warhol‘

Until September 7, 2014 the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburgis showing the exhibition 'Posters. Any Warhol'.

Andy Warhol – painter and illustrator, photographer andfilm-maker; he published magazines and books; he ran the Factory, gavemusicians and models a helping hand up on their way to fame –there is not much in the cultural activity of New York in the 1960s to80s which he didn’t observe with a shrewd eye and often helps toshape.

It is a less well-known fact that Warhol began his career in the 1940sas a graphic designer. He achieved great success with illustrations forprospectuses. In the early 1960s, he gave up drawing superficiallypleasing illustrations and created large-scale paintings depictingdetails from the world of advertising and the tabloid press. In his ownunmistakable way, he overprinted and overpainted black-and-white photoswith coloured planes, traced the outlines with elegant penstrokes andabove all, repeated the same motifs again and again. The internationalbreakthrough for Warhol came in 1964/65. During that period he began toprint his first posters. Like the paintings and his limited-editiongraphic prints, they show stars from Elizabeth Taylor to Mick Jagger,or the banalities of the world of consumerism, whether soup cans orcows.

Alongside some 30 posters designed especially by Warhol, the exhibitionalso displays the prints after paintings and graphics with whichWarhol’s series of works were presented in the galleries. Thequestion as to what constitutes the original, the design and thereproduction is the thread constantly running through these works, andit can only be answered from case to case. The 100 or so posters onshow in this exhibition are supplemented by artists books, selectedrecord covers and magazines such as the legendary“Interview”.

‘Posters. Andy Warhol‘ until September 7, 2014 the Museumfür Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Steintorplatz, 20099 D-Hamburg.Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday through Saturdays from 10a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., closed on Monday.Further information athttp://www.mkg-hamburg.de/en/exhibitions/current/posters-andy-warhol.html