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Children do not know what a trailer is - Children's World Symposium 2014

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Underthe Motto “Understanding Children“ SUPER RTL and IP Deutschland held the Children'sWorld Symposium in Cologne on 14 May 2014.

Childrendo not know any features. Nor do they know what a trailer is and they can dovery little with the terms Undercover and Voting. Who wants to be understood bychildren, is well advised to use English words and foreign words wisely. Theseare the findings from this year's Study of Children's Worlds by Super RTL andIP Deutschland.

The Study of Children's Worlds have been providingrevealing insights from the daily (media) life of children and families forover 15 years. These convey an overall picture of childlike worlds which gobeyond the specific media use and exploration of existing and future mediatechnologies.

Inaddition to the presentation of the studie's results, speakers from thechildren and youth field gave an insight into their work at the Study ofChildren's Worlds 2014. All speakers and presentations can be found at http://www.ip.de/fakten_und_trends/zielgruppen/kinderwelten.cfm.

​Media Future Day 2014

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On11 June 2014 tpc – technology and production center switzerland is holding theMedia Future Day at the SRF – Swiss Radio and Television.

Thisyear the event's motto is 'Curiosity', which is supposed to make the parcipantscurious.

Indiesem Jahr steht die Veranstaltung unter dem Motto ‘Curiosity‘, das dieTeilnehmer neugierig machen soll. "But also our speakers this year arecurious, sometimes even a little odd – and usually very successful with theirideas and views", says Thomas Brun, Head of Innovation, Business Developmentat tpc and organizer of the event. Among others, Dr. Werner T. Fuchs, NickSohnemann and Pat Younge will give a talk at the event.

Programmeand registration at http://mediafutureday.ch/

ZHdK – Graduate exhibition 2014

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From31 May until 12 June 2014, this year's Graduate Exhibition will take place atthe ZHdK – Zurich University of the Arts. Vom 31. Mai bis 12. Juni 2014 findetan der ZHdK – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste die diesjährige Diplomausstellung statt.die Zürcher Hochschule der Künste Diplomarbeiten. About 300 bachelor's andmaster's degree students present their diverse and innovative final projects inthe fields of Design, Arts & Media, Art Education and transdisciplinarity.

Furtherinformation at http://www.zhdk.ch/?agenda/detail&vid=20903

Exhibition tip: 'Eyes Wide Open: Stanley Kubrick as photographer'

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Stanley Kubrick,Showgirl - Kubrick fotografiert Rosemary Williams, 1947. Courtesy Museum of the City of New York, Geschenk von Cowles Communications, Inc. © SK Film Archives, LLC

Until 13 July 2014 the Bank Austria Art Forum Vienna isshowing the exhibition 'Eyes Wide Open: Stanley Kubrick as photographer'.

Kubrick's ability to tell perfect cinematic stories waslegendary and made him write film history. When asked about his way of working,Kubrick gave the simple answer. "Well, I never shoot anything I do notwant". Stubbornness and independence characterise his work and explain theongoing success of his films including '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'A ClockworkOrange' and 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

The exhibition shows a lesser known facet of thefilmmaker: Between 1945 and 1950 he created a series of essayistic photocoverage for the American magazine Look,which allowed Kubrick to deal with composition, atmosphere and timing and thusdeveloped a unique visual narrative technique and imagery. In the Look-photoessays, Kubrick presents – just like later in his movies - an extraordinary, often lonely, humandestiny: He observed a shoeshine boy on the streets of New York, accompaniedBetsy von Fürstenberg, an aspiring young actress from high society at work, orvisits a circus giant in his winter quarters.Kubrick's photos are also areflection of the American metropolis. New York is in those years that Europeis in ruins, finally the new capital of the world.

The photo show with over 20 Look photo documentaries is ajoint venture of the Bank Austria Art Forum Vienna and the Museum of the Cityof New York, and GAmm Giunti, Florence.

'Eyes Wide Open: StanleyKubrick as Photographer' until 13 June at the Bank Austria Art Forum Vienna,Freyung 8, 1010 Vienna. Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fridays from10 a.m. to9 p.m. Further information at http://www.kunstforumwien.at/en/exhibition/kunstforum/207/eyes-wide-open

Book tip: ‘The Art of Omission‘

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Our brain connects strungtogether images into a context – even if there is something missing in between.Filmmakers and editor use this phenomenon to tell their stories. In the head ofthe viewer, pictures develop that are not actually there.

Based on current film examplesand extensive sequence series, in the recent publication 'The Art of Omission',David J. Rauschning tracks a phantom, which draws attention to itself by notbeing there. Frame by frame he shows how moments of omission manifest, highlightspossible applications and modes of action and explains how they can be creatednarratively, rhithmically, but also on script and sound level. Thus, hedevelopes a long time peding term catalogue, which verbalises temporal ellipsesin a vocabulary of various types, application, and design moments. For thefirst time, filmmakers receive a tool to optimise the narrative economy ofcinematic storytelling.

The 215-page publication withnumerous illustrations was published by the UVK Verlag and can be purchased for€29,99.