Eyes & Ears eNews 03-2014

Jochen Schropp presents Eyes & Ears Conference 2014

Eyes & Ears of Europe

On12 May 2014, the Eyes & Ears Conference 2014 will take place at the Comediain Cologne. The theme of the creative conference organised by Eyes & Earsof Europe is 'Capture Your Audience'. Therefore, the specialist conference willfocus on the questions: "How do I find my target group? How do I excitethem? And how can I retain my target group?

TheEyes & Ears Conference 2014 will be presented by Jochen Schropp at theComedia in Cologne. Speakers at this year's conference include Dietmar Dahmen,specialist for branding & brand communication from Vienna, Prof. PeterWippermann, founder of Trendbüro and Professor of Communication Design at theFolkwang University of the Arts in Essen, and Richard Kastelein, entrepreneur, writer,publisher & innovation catalyst from Groningen.

TheEyes & Ears Conference is the conference for all those who deal withaudio-visual communication and the marketing of such content. "At thisevent, we purposely don't concentrate on just one field, like TV, Internet orCulture, but are interdisciplinary-oriented. Already today and especially inthe future, the individual fields will overlap more and more and will have toface similar challenges. At the Eyes & Ears Conference, participants andspeakers have the unique opportunity to discuss trends, exchange ideas and viewthings from a different perspective", says Corinna Kamphausen, CEO Eyes& Ears of Europe.

TheEyes & Ears Conference will focus on current projects, trends and futureprospects in the areas of design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media.In addition to the Junior Highlights, inspiring keynote speeches in the areasof TV, film, internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture willbe held by well-known industry players. For design, promotion and marketingprofessionals and newcomers alike, the conference is a valuable trend indicatorand a high-profile communication platform for European developments in theaudiovisual field.

Theprogramme, incl. all the speakers and keynotes, will be released at thebeginning of April. Further information at Eyes & Ears of Europe: info@eeofe.org

Cape Rock produces 'Game of Thrones' campaign

Lambie-Nairn develops brand identity for Invictus Games

The Dutch Branding & Design Agency Cape Rock recently produced acampaign for the 4th season of Game of Thrones. In the Netherlands, the newepisodes start airing on 7 April 2014 on HBO.

The task was to create a campaign for the 4th season that excited fansand made viewers curious about the show. They also had to convey the range andrichness of this series about seven kingdoms in just 30 seconds. Therefore,Cape Rock built the campaign around three key elements: all men must die, womenrule the world, and dragons are cool. The spots also place a particular focuson the two Dutch actors in the series, Michiel Huisman and Carice van Houten.The music and audio elements selected emphasize the exciting and promisingcharacter of the campaign.

Further information at www.caperock.tv

The international branding agency Lambie-Nairn has designed the brandidentity for The Invictus Games. The new sporting event for wounded, injuredand invalid servicemen and women was launched by HRH Prince Harry and will takeplace in September 2014 in London. Lambie-Nairn worked in collaboration withthe Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, andthe Ministry of Defence.

The name Invictus Games is based on the famous poem by William ErnestHenley:

"…Iam the master of my fate:

I am thecaptain of my soul"

Invictus is Latinfor 'unconquered' and the logotype for the 'Invictus Games' captures and emphasizesthis belief in the human spirit. The typography turns the idea of invincibilityinto a clear intention. In addition, Lambie-Nairn managed to include thepersonal touch of each competing athlete – in a simple but impressive manner:From the letters in "Invictus Games", "I" and "AM"are highlighted and emphasized. These stand as a symbol for each participant –according to the motto "I am invincible".

Christian Schroeder, CEO of Lambie-Nairn, added: "We're very proudto have worked with the Royal Foundation and Ministry of Defence in helping todevelop the Invictus Games brand. This is an inspiring event that recognisesthe courage of these athletes and demonstrates how powerful sport can be."

Further information at www.invictusgames.org