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Disney launches new free-TV channel for the whole family

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In January 2014 Disney will launch a 24-hour free-TV family channel. Forthe first time German viewers will have access to Disney movies and TV showsfree of charge. The new Disney Channel will be a broadly oriented familychannel and is for everybody who loves the world of Disney. During the day allmembers of the family should be addressed. In the daytime the target group focuslies on children and families and during the prime time on families and women.The new channel will draw primarily from the diverse entertainment content ofthe Walt Disney Company. "With a free to air Disney Channel the offer inthe area of family television for the German audience increasesimmensely," says Lars Wagner, General Manger Disney Channels, who willhead the new family channel. "With the new free-TV channel the viewers geta portal to Disney's Movie and TV world. Therefore children and families getbetter access to the world of Disney", says Wagner. The Disney Channelwill be distributed via the timeslots of the current channel DAS VIERTE viacable, satellite and DVB-T. The new station will be financed by advertisingrevenues.

Screenworks produces broadcast design for 'Eye TV – Der durchgeknallte Puppensender'

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On 2 August2013 at 8 p.m. the new comedy format 'Eyes TV – Der durchgeknalltePuppensender' will premiere on TELE 5. Screenworks is responsible for thebroadcast design, technical implementation and post-production in collaborationwith the Munich production company Good Mood Productions and the comedy writerBernd Maile. The focus of 'Eye TV', the fictional television station, arepuppets. They take over moderation of popular TV formats from home shopping tonews to late night - the madness lurking behind every TV backdrop. In thecommand center sits a merciless station boss who always disturbs everything.For the new show even Kai Blasberg, Head of TELE 5, lends his voice to the 'EyeTV' chief and gives the show some realistic features. Olaf Wicke, managingdirector of Screenworks, on the new comedy show: "It's just fascinatinghow our two puppeteers Carsten Morar-Haffke and Ercan Gül have managed to giveeach doll their special wacky character."

Personal note: Thorsten Braun

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In August 2013 Thorsten Braun (41) will becomeGeneral Manager and Head of future marketing organization for Disney inGermany, Autria and Switzerland. He will be responsible for all ad sales andpromotional activities on all platforms Disney. A strong focus will be placedon the advertising sales of the new free-TV Disney Channel. Braun was mostrecently Managing Director and Chief Trading Officer of VivaKi-Group in Düsseldorf,the media agencies of the Publicis Groupe. He was responsible for the entireprocurement of the agency group.


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Design Museum London, Fotograf Luke Hayes

From 24 July to 29October 2013 the Design Museum in London presents the exhibition 'THE FUTURE IS HERE: A NEW INDUSTRIALREVOLUTION'. The exhibition shows howthe boundaries between designers, producers and consumers are becomingincreasingly blurred. Significant changes in production methods, materials andthe use of objects have the potential to influence trade, industry andenvironment as much as any previous industrial revolution. In the exhibition,these manufacturing techniques will be presented - such as 3D printers - andshown how they can change the design world around us. 'THE FUTURE IS HERE: A NEW INDUSTRIALREVOLUTION' from 24 July to 29 October 2013 at the Design Museum, 28 ShadThames, London SE12YD. Opening hours: daily from 10 a.m. to 5.45 p.m., lastentry at 5.15 p.m.

Book tip: 'Interactive infographics'

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​"Nowit is there, the infographic hype - everywhere you look: in newspapers, on TV,on the Web. Sometimes static, sometimes animated and more and more ofteninteractive. Each topic seems communicable with an infographic ... "sobegins the preface to the recently published book 'Interactive infographics'.The book provides an introduction to theory, design and reception of interactiveinfographics. The authors consider the interactive infographic from atheoretical and practical perspective: you explore the interactive infographicas a graph, as a card, as a comic, as hybrid form. Also the publicationdescribes types and patterns and compares Western with Far Eastern designvariations. In addition, the authors present interactive infographic in thecontext of learning and knowledge acquisition. It also discusses evaluationmethods, analyzes reception and usage problems and derives designrecommendations from it. Case studies and expert advice complement the posts.The 263-page publication with 100 illustrations has been published by SpringerVieweg Verlag and is available in bookshops for the price of EUR 49.99. Formore information visit http://www.springer.com/springer+vieweg/it+%26+informatik/mediendesign/book/978-3-642-15452-2