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RTL CREATION produces 2nd series of advertising bumpers

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Since February 1, 2013, RTL has been airing newadvertising bumpers. Because of the positive feedback for the first wave ofbumpers, RTL CREATION recently produced a second series. The focus lies on RTLcelebrities such as Bülent Ceylan, Cindy aus Marzahn, Kai Ebel, FraukeLudowig, Ilka Essmüller, Inka Bause, Peter Kloeppel, Janine Steeger, Ulrike vonder Groeben, Peter Zwegat, Birgit Schrowange, Daniel Hartwich and KatjaBurkard. With great enthusiasm and commitment, they give the station itsunmistakable appearance. The new bumpers feature short, humorous stories thattake place on the virtual set of color and glass formations in the RTL design.High color brilliance and the glass materiality are a wonderful playground ofvirtual possibilities. The bumpers were produced in a studio in CologneOssendorf.

Audiovisual Media Days


On 22 & 23 April 2013, the 6th Audiovisual MediaDays will be held in the 'Alte Kongresshalle' in Munich. The event organised byMedientage München GmbH is one of the leading information & networkingplatforms for the online video, smart & web TV market in theGerman-speaking region. The focus of the conference is on strategies, conceptsand technologies for the succesful implementation of the moving image in media,marketing and corporate communications. Trend-setting strategies for movingimages as well as best-practice cases will be presented by expert speakers fromthe media, branding, online and advertising industries. They will discusscurrent topics like connected TV, creation and integration of online videos,social video advertising, digital corporate publishing, brands and branding orvideo on demand. Accompanying the congress are different exhibitors from themotion picture industry. Members of Eyes & Ears of Europe receive a 20%discount on the regular entrance fee. To register, please send an eMail to info@eeofe.org. You will then receive a code which enables you to register for thediscounted price on www.audiovisual-media-days.com. Theprogramme and further information are available on www.audiovisual-media-days.com.

Event tip: 'It Truly Pays – The Crime Film'

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UntilJune 2, 2013 the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich will show the exhibition 'ItTruly Pays – The Crime Film'. The crime film is among the most popular genresin both cinema and television. Often the plot revolves around the classicquestion: who dunnit? In every crime case, the solution to this puzzle isclosely linked to the motive. What could possibly have led the figures tocommit such deeds? The human motivations for committing crime have long been asource of inspiration for many well-known directors, actors and composers whohave often given narratives of theft or murder genuine filmic quality. Makinguse of both full-length works as well as long-running or seemingly endlessseries, the exhibition investigates the different kinds of crime films: fromthe children’s crime story to the detective film and from the contract killerto team crime in which the gangsters are often depicted as appealing figures.In addition, “It Truly Pays” examines the ways in which tension and horror areproduced in order to manipulate our ambivalent relationship to evil. 'It TrulyPays – The Crime Film' until 6 June 2013 at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich,Austtellungsstrasse 60, CH-8005 Zurich. Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursdaythrough Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m, Wednesday from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m.,closed on Mondays. Further information on http://www.museum-gestaltung.ch/en/exhibitions/annual-program-2013/it-truly-pays/