Eyes & Ears Conference

Eyes & Ears Conference – new impulses for the media industry

The focus of the Eyes & Ears Conference will be current projects, trends and future prospects in the areas of design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. In addition to the Junior Highlights, inspiring keynote speeches in the areas of TV, film, internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture will be held by well-known industry players. For design, promotion and marketing professionals and newcomers alike, the conference is a valuable trend indicator and a high-profile communication platform for European developments in the audiovisual field.

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The Eyes & Ears Conference consists of these programme points:

Eyes & Ears Keynotes​


Under the title Eyes & Ears Keynotes, both national, European and international industry players from TV, film, Internet, mobile, games, events, advertising, art and culture give insights into their projects and provide new perspectives. By addressing current media developments, trends and challenges, the speeches offer inspiration and points of reference for the participants' own work. Therefore, the keynotes are an important contribution to the design and examination of audiovisual communication.

​Eyes & Ears New Talents

The Eyes & Ears New Talents give young talent a platform to showcase their innovative work. Practical, inspiring, and promising, they present their projects to an expert audience as part of the European Conference for Design, Promotion and Marketing. The industry meeting offers them the opportunity to get to know those who are always looking for young creative talent. At the same time, these young talents give long-time media professionals creative ideas for their own work. Applications for the Eyes & Ears Junior Highlights can be submitted until 6 March.

​Case Studies

Rounding out the conference will be the Eyes & Ears Case Studies, where agencies and TV channels present their current projects.

​Eyes & Ears Get Together

At the Eyes & Ears Get Together the participants and speakers can enjoy the evening and network over dinner.

"What I like about Eyes & Ears of Europe, is the perfect blend of education (the Academies and the Conference), the direct exchange with well-known and constantly new colleagues and the promotion of students and newcomers to the industry. E & E is always open to new topics! "

​Ralf Lobeck, Creative Director »Lobeck – Motion Concept«

Professor for Visual Communication, AMD Academy for Fashion & Design, Düsseldorf, FB Design HS Fresenius

Dean of Studies »Visual and Corporate Communication (B.A.), AMD Academy for Fashion & Design

Eyes & Ears of Europe