Is it your dream to give wings to people and ideas? Then realise your talent and become part of the Red Bull Graduate Programme. 

As Production Management & Music Services Trainee you´ll focus on building and finally running a global project called Talent Pool as a project manager with support from various specialists.

Location: Elsbethen, Austria

Schedule: Full-time


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:


    In this exciting role you´ll be able to learn and be trained in all areas of production management. You´ll get detailed insights in terms of budget, timelines, production models, staffing, logistics, health & safety, securing rights & contracts, feasibility and effective workflows. The one goal always is to have ‘a good story well told’ with high production value and economically feasible.

    In addition to that you´ll get the chance to work within content for at least one project, as a good production manager always knows both sides.

    The Music Services Team is responsible for all solutions around music and its use in content. You´ll help them in providing high class production music and offering individual music consultations for countries and HQ projects, including Music Licensing.

    Your gathered knowledge and insights in production management and music services will be a great basement to build a talent pool. As its project manager you´ll be responsible to run the most creative, dynamic database of creative talent globally for Red Bull.

Your areas of knowledge and expertise

that matter most for this role:

  • Very interested in film making
  • Keen to learn tv & film production in one of the most exciting media environments on this planet – Red Bull Media House
  • Having spent some time on film sets and understanding the production process and it’s phases from development to post-production
  • International Film School Degree, University Degree in the fields of Multi-Media, Communications or a related field
  • Englisch
  • Travel up to 10%


Got what it takes?

In your application we want to see your personal style - what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us.